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Non-Electronic OAH Matters with Superior Court Case Numbers (access dockets through OAH Portal)


2015A-2147-ROC-rhg LC 2016-000408-001 DT


2016A-599-ROC LC 2016-000455-001 DT


2014A-4234-ROC LC 2016-000407-001 DT


2016A-1884-ROC LC 2016-000439-001 DT


2016A-692-ROC LC 2016-000462-001 DT


16A-1109093-NUR LC2016-000342-001 DT


2015A-4294-ROC LC2016-000255-001 DT


15F-H1515014-BFS LC2016-000282-001 DT


2013A-5114-ROC-RF LC2016-000266-001 DT (Transcript)


2015A-3739-ROC LC2016-000260-001 DT


15A-0001-LIQ LC2016-000220-001 DT


2014A-2729-ROC LC2016-000218-001 DT


2015A-1168-ROC LC2016-000181-001 DT


2013A-5742-ROC-RF LC2016-000218-001 DT


2013A-5224-ROC LC2016-000203-001 DT


2015A-19-ROC C20162236


2015A-283-ROC-RF LC2016-000174-001 DT


15F-DI-105-REL LC2016-000109-001 DT


15F-007-ARB LC 2016-000008-001DT


16A-1506002-NUR LC 2016-000031-001DT


13A-1308073-NUR LC2015-0100448-001-DT, filed 02/11/2016


13A-1108087-NUR LC2015-000528-DT, filed 02/8/2016


14A-019-POST LC2015-000470-001 DT, filed 01/20/2016


15F-L1515004-BFS 1 CA-CV 15-0619, filed 01/19/2016


2012A-2562-ROC-rhg LC2014-000233-001-DT, filed 01/13/2016


15F-DI-002-REL-rhg LC2015-0100471-001 DT, filed 01/07/2016


2011A-6070-ROC LC2015-00045-001 DT, filed 01/07/2016


2012A-4419-ROC-RF LC2015-000452-001 DT, filed 12/22/2015


15F-L1515001-BFS LC2015-000433-001 DT, filed 12/03/2015


2009A-4231705-ROC-RF LC2015-000445-001 DT, filed 12/01/2015


2014A-2538-ROC-rf CV2015-00512, filed 11/02/2015


13F-DI-136-REL CV2015-007385, filed 7/31/2015


15F-001-CCE LC2015-000172-001, filed 5/22/2015


15F-DI-037-REL LC2015-000138-001 DT, filed 5/04/2015


2014A-5107-ROC LC2015-000114-001 DT, filed 4/10/2015


15F-201300291-DEN LC2015-000017-DT, filed 3/30/2015


15F-003-ARB LC2015-000048-001, filed 3/20/2015


2009A-45871651-ROC LC2014-000607-001DT, filed 2/20/2015


2014A-2390-ROC LC2014-000609-001, filed 2/04/2015


14F-16895-DWM LC2014-000589-001, filed January 28, 2015

2014A-WIC-0192-DHS LC2014-000573, filed January 16, 2015


14F-201400061-DEN LC2014-000547-001 DT, filed January 14, 2015


14F-16627-DWM-14F-16638-DWM LC2014-000531, filed December 5, 2014


14F-FSRV-002-BCS LC2014-000375-001 DT, filed October 3, 2014


13F-H1314007-BFS LC2014-000354-001-DT, filed September 29, 2014


13A-027-INS TX2013-000658, filed July 17, 2014. Appeal dismissed, link disabled.


14F-16624-DWM LC2014-000317-001, filed July 25, 2014

14F-16624-DWM Erratum filed July 30, 2014

09F-2934-ROC LC2014-000206-001-DT, filed 6/26/2014


2012A-2562-ROC-rhg LC2014-000233-001-DT, filed 6/25/2014


13A-159-INS LC2014-000212-001-DT, filed 6/20/2014


2011A-3422-ROC-res LC2014-000120-001 DT , filed 2/2/2014


12A-007-LIQ LC2014-0000104-001 DT, filed 4/29/2014

12A-007-LIQ LC2014-0000104-001 DT (Notice of Erratum), filed 5/15/2014

12A-004-POST LC2014-000094-001 DT, filed 4/21/2014


2013A-4615-ROC LC 2014-000085001 DT, filed 3/7/2014

2012A-4615-ROC (transcript) LC 2014-000085001 DT, filed 4/21/2014

2012A-5742-ROC CV2013-014344


2012A-4890-ROC C20134932

2012A-4890-ROC (transcript) C20134932

2012A-3467-ROC LC2013-000349-001


2012A-2313-ROC LC2013-00395-001 DT


2012A-2151-ROC LC2013-000393-001


2011A-5071-ROC C20133519


13F-010-ARB LC2013-000572-001DT


12A-0006-LIQ LC2013-000489-001DT


2010A-308472030-ROC C20133519


05A-11268-BHE CV-2012-00569